Let us help you eliminate waste & reduce costs

Speed up the process and reduce cost

Our customers consistently tell us our Uniform Management Solution (UMS) saves them between 15 and 20 minutes per person compared with standard ordering. 

Get a handle on cashflow and budget; control staff spend by item value or quantity limits per employee. Make informed decisions using downloadable reports from our online portal. Access stored data to avoid spreadsheet and paper errors. Keep your finger on the pulse with our comprehensive online invoicing and purchase history.

This is fast, efficient procurement.

Boost staff productivity

Fittings in bricks-and-mortar stores waste valuable time and money.

Get smart. Record details of all onsite fittings in our central UMS database. This ensures every staff member gets correctly sized workwear, as needed. Name, logo, location and frequency are all recorded for fast, efficient, accurate ordering and delivery.

Large companies have recorded savings of more than $100,000 per annum using our procurement system. It saves time, reduces cost and eliminates stress.

Choose an industry innovator for top brands

Our proactive teams are always hunting down products featuring the latest materials and innovations. How about hi-vis shirts with cooling technology for significantly reduced heat stress? 

We constantly monitor industry feedback to present you with an extensive, top quality contemporary product range. This allows you to select the most flexible, breathable materials, innovative glove textiles, and smarter PPE which screens dangerous substances like silica and asbestos.

Enjoy reliable stock and compliance

We know you expect quick, reliable lead times. And every item must meet AS/NZ standards. After all, you can’t risk your company’s reputation.

Why not consolidate your procurement with a single supply partner? This gives you a tight rein on uniform style, quality, fit, safety and comfort.


Discover how you can transform your procurement with our free information pack.

Keen to lower risk and enhance the value of your brand?

Then overhaul spending behaviour across your organisation – work with a partner who understand your complex workwear and PPE needs . 

Our simple, digital Uniform Management System can help create a genuine culture of spend stewardship which frees up valuable time for you, your buying department and on-site managers.

A huge bonus in terms of boosted compliance, efficiency and profit . . .

“Very fast on boarding process. It seems we now have a reliable partner for PPE and uniform requirements”

Isaac - HG Group